Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sapthuran- The Wanderer(2008)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: The wheel, dreams & visions, folklore, lycanthropy
Origin: USA ( Kentucky)
Formed: 2003
Status: Active
Label: Wraith Productions
File Size: 158MB 320Kbps

Patrick Hall - All instruments, vocals

Part I - "The Wanderer"

1. Summoning the Hated One
2. Write My Words Upon the Winds
3. Wailing Blackwinds
4. Fang of Night
5. An Earthen Madrigal and Curse to All Men
6. The Weave and Will of Fate and Time
7. Forever a Wandering Spirit

Part II - "Call of Wolf"
8. Call of Wolf
9. Fullmoon Rising
10. Sylvan Winter Madrigal
11. Astigan Se Beorg (Journey up the Mountain)
Total Playing Time: 1hr 19min

The state of Kentucky manages to release some great metal from artists like Panopticon, Seidr, to this atmospheric and ominous gem from multi- instrumentalist Patrick T. Hall. Sapthuran has shared splits with many DSBM artists like SAD and Leviathan- but to say this is DSBM really doesn't cut it. This is more Burzum than Xasthur and the man truly deserves recognition for another great addition to USBM. The Wanderer is told in two parts from spectres to werewolves with low-fi minimalist production which helps create its evil "aura". Forever a Wandering Spirit " is the highlight - check it out

buy here: wraith productions

The Wanderer

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