Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dark Procession - Eternal Autumn Solitude (2011)

Genre: Black Metal/Acoustic
Origin: Indiana, United States
Status: Active
Formed: 2004
Lyrical Themes: Depression, Nature
Label: E.E.E. Recordings
File: 137 Mb (320kbps)

Mike - Bass
Elkosh - Drums
DP - Guitars, Synths, Vocals

1. ...And Despair 3:23
2. Eternal Autumn Solitude 20:07
3. Haven Of Fire 11:32
4. Midsummer Reveries 6:13
5. Forests Of The Dawn 5:45
6. Upon The Harvest Sky 9:29
7. Hymns Of The Ashes 4:53
Total Playing Time: 1:01:22

Here's a great cd for autumn that just came out this year; It's Dark
Procession from Indiana's 2nd full-length. This is great to get baked to because the whole album is unexpected, almost every part. This goes from beautiful acoustic passages to raging ferocious punk black metal. Then back again without missing many stops in between, but overall it still retains the feel of relaxing and mellow stoner black metal. Nice and experimetal stuff that you can buy at the EEE webshop.


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  1. Man stuff like this hits the spot good this time of year, especially on a good walk.