Friday, November 11, 2011

Draugar - From Which Hatred Grows (2003)

Genre: Black Metal
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Status: Active
Formed: 2002
Lyrical themes: Darkness, Solitude, Hatred, Absurdity of Existence
Label: tUMULt
File: 122 Mb (320kbps)

Hildolf - Everything (2002-present)

1. Intro 2:06
2. Uncontrollable Despair 7:05
3. Born 8:08
4. Dust Chains Idiots 9:25
5. The Stab of Sunrise 6:42
6. Honor Is Ash 6:14
7. The Slow Spiral 6:11
8. Lonely Corners of Existence 6:39
9. Futile Menace - Outro 2:29
Total Playing Time: 54:59

Wow, here's a very interesting album from Hildolf's project Draugar and this one is hard to describe because it's just so damn out there. The raw production, vocals a bit reminiscent of Wrest at times but seriously 10 times more psychotic, meandering creepy keyboards, and insane guitar riffs blistering with distortion all combine for one hell of a disturbing and chaotic experience. Not for the casual listener, but holy hell I love this one.


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