Monday, November 7, 2011

Krieg - The Black House (2004)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Hate, War, Destruction
Origin: Somers Point, New Jersey, USA
Status: Active
Formed: 1995
Label: Red Stream, Inc.
File: 93 Mb (320kbps)

N. Imperial Vocals
SM Daemon Bass
Thron Drums
Phaedrus Guitars, Viola

1. Deconstructing The Eternal Tombs 1:52
2. Deviant 2:30
3. Nemesis 3:04
4. Fleshprison Monolith 4:05
5. Fallen Princes Of Sightless Visions... 6:54
6. A Process Of Dying 3:41
7. Sickening Voices Without Speech 2:43
8. Ruin Under A Burning Sky 3:05
9. ...Without Light 5:38
10. Murder Without The Burden Of Conscience 1:16
11. Venus In Furs (The Velvet Underground cover) 4:39
12. Rooms 1:50
13. Coronation 2:10
Total Playing Time: 43:27

Aaah, the 1st post from the new and improved Hatred Nation. This time I will concentrate on the USA and Canada. Anyways, here's a great album from the disturbed Krieg about a long vivid nightmare. Amazing album and one of my favorites from this fast,evil and unrelenting American band.



  1. Downloading this now. I love the cover picture.

    Will edit this once I've given it a good listen.

  2. Well apparently I can't edit that comment. Or if I can I can't find the button and don't care enough to look any further.

    Anyways, gave it a couple good listens last night and this morning. Good album. I really like finding bands like this. Just some damn good eerie Black Metal. Great way to start off the new HN.

  3. KUR:
    Kreig has some other great albums I'll surely be posting at some point