Monday, January 23, 2012

Omision - In The Shadow Of The Cross

Genre: Death/Thrash
Lyrical Themes: Antichristian, Death
Origin: Tijuana, Mexico
Status: Active
Label: Chaos Records
File Size: 80MB

José Luis González - Bass
Joel Marquez - Drums
Roberto Lizárraga - Guitars
Heriberto Peréz - Guitars/Vocals

1. In the Shadow of the Cross
2. Your God
3. Won't Be Saved
4. Assault In the Vatican
5. Beyond The Burning Gates
6. Pray
7. No Idols
8. Fallen Angels
9. Seeking The Holy Throne
10. The Downfall
11. For Those Far Away
Total Run-time 40.09
Hailing from Tijuana Mexico, Omision is a crushing death/thrash ensemble featuring past and present members of Sadistic Intent and Infinitum Obscure (to be featured soon). They possess a great old school sound reminiscent of bands like Bolt Thrower, Benediction & Incantation. They signed to Chaos Records of Mexico shortly after their deal with Asphyxiate Records ended due to the record label going under. Omision are truly masters of combining the guttural vocals and speed of traditional death metal with equally thrashy riffs. Overall, an outstanding effort for fans of this genre.

Buy the album here: Chaos Records
Download Here.

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