Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christ Beheaded- Open The Gates Of Hell (2008)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Antichristian, Death
Origin: USA ( Indianapolis, IN)
Status: Active
Label: Abyss Records
File Size: 49MB 320Kbps

Bile ( "Iron" Bob Fouts)...... Guitars
Count Magnus...Vocals
Midgard.. Bass

2.Open The Gates Of Hell
4.The Cleansing Ritual
5.Sanguine Moon
Total Playing Time: 23 minutes

" Iron " Bob Fouts is an icon in the Indianapolis Metal Undergroung having graced his presence in " Gates Of Slumber", " Apostle of Solitude" etc. Here he takes on an alter ego " Bile" and this is his black metal project featuring members of other bands including " Skeletonwitch" and " Demiricous". However, contrary to what ONE CRITIC reviewed this Ep in the Metal Archives, this is really a great release and if you like black metal this will appeal to you as well. This has great moments in it and the tempo changes are what keeps your attention rather it be doomy, thrashy, or just some ass kicking riffs. Sanguine Moon is the highlight.

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Open The Gates Of Hell

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  1. I wouldn't even worry about that review, the person obviously had no business reviewing it.