Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bestia Arcana - To Anabainon Ek Tes Abyssu (2011)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: The Occult
Origin: USA Colorado
Label: Daemon Worship Productions
File Size: 86Mb 320Kbps

N.A .... unknown
N.C .....unknown
K .....unknown

Title Listing

1.Cup of Babylon
2.The Poison of Manasseh
3.The Pit of Sheh-ohl
5.Shepherd of Perdition
Total playing time: 39:50 min

This is the other project of members of Nighbringer and Serpentinam and this is some atmospheric, powerful black metal. What is it about Colorado that creates such black metal gems? Is there a satanic underbelly in the Rocky Mountains like the South Park episode with Stan and the woodland creatures? Nonetheless, Nightbringer are going to have a kick it up a notch to top this- check it out.

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To Anabainon Ek Tes Abyssu


  1. This is some good stuff, here. I'm constantly amazed when you find stuff i've never even heard before. Don't know how I overlooked this one since I friggen swear I listened to every single colordo band I could find. I'll probably buy a copy soon if available.