Saturday, January 7, 2012

Backwoods Payback- Momantha (2011)

Genre) Stoner/Doom Metal
Origin) USA Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Status) Active
Label) Small Stone
File size: 92MB 320kbps

Jessica Baker - Bass
W. Steve Curtiss- Drums
Rylan Caspar- Guitars
Mike Cummings- Vocals, Guitar

1. You Know How This Works
2. Flight Pony
3. Knock Wood
4. Mr. Snowflake
5. Lord Chesterfield
6. Parting Words
7. Poncho
8. Velcro
9. Timegrinder
10. Ballad of a Broken Horse
Total Playing Time: 40:07min

Small Stone Records have released some major gems in the genre of stoner/doom metal in regards to Acid Witch, Bottom and Sons Of Otis. Enter, Backwoods Payback with their " Heavy As Fuck" release, Momantha. This is 40 minutes of" ball-peen hammer smashing your fucking nuts into pea gravel " stoner doom metal with great vocals thanks to Mike Cummings. This blew me away today... sober
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