Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weedeater- Sixteen Tons (2002)

Genre: Southern Sludge/ Doom Metal
Lyrical Themes: Drugs, Weed, Getting high, Life, Struggles
Origin: USA (North Carolina)
Formed: 1998
Status: Active
Label: Crucial Blast
File Size: 98MB

Dixie.. Bass, Vocals
Shep.. Guitars
Keko.. Drums

1. Bull
2. Potbelly
3. Time Served
4. #3
5. Woe's Me
6. Buzz
7. Lines
8. Riff
9. Kira May

Ahhhh.. the genius of Dixie Dave Collins and Weedeater. If you like weed and you like sludge metal mixed with southern rock - you will love with this band. If you worship " Buzzov*en" and " Bongzilla"- you will worship this band. Sixteen Tons is the heaviest, fuzziest, syrupiest ( is that a word?) sludge metal on this mother fucking planet. Fuck your band, listen to this.

Buy here: Crucial Blast

Sixteen "MutherFucken" Tons

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