Friday, June 1, 2012

Giant Of The Mountain- Mother Hydra (2011)

Genre: Blackened Death/ Sludge Metal
Origin: USA Texas
Status: Active
Label: Independent
File Size:103MB 320kbps

Randi Matejowsky - Drums
Cody Daniels- Guitars, Vocals
Chris Dearing- Bass, Vocals

Mother Hydra
The Opening of the Gates
So Sounds the Battle Drum
House of Vaermina
He Who Lies Dreaming
A Calm Understanding
Total Playing Time  43:44

I would like to give a big " Fucking A " to the Giant of The Moutain- this album kicked my ass. Do yourself a favor and log in to and lay down two dollars. I found this release by chance and it was quite a gem to be honest- raw production, melodies, acoustic passages, crushing riffs, bellowed and clean vocals. Fucking amazing.

Mother Hydra

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