Thursday, May 24, 2012

Raspberry Bulbs- Nature Tries Again (2011)

Genre: Black Metal/Punk Rock
Lyrical Themes: N/A
Origin: New York  (USA)
Label: Hospital Productions
Formed: 2008
Status: Active
File Size: 46MB 320Kbps

He Who Crushes Teeth- Everything

What Is Between Us
Life On The Level
The Center Of The Earth
Outside In
Face In The Cave
Tissue In The BloodStream
Will I Ever Speak The Truth?
Taken Apart
Total Playing Time: 21:13

Only New York could create something this raw and it is fucking killer. The drummer of " Bone Awl" unleashes this solo effort and it is a beast. Some may not like it- but if you like low-fi punk of yesterday with a touch of black-  this will deliver.

Nature Tries Again

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