Saturday, March 24, 2012

Catholicon- Lost Chronicles Of The Wars in Heaven (2001)

Genre: Black/Death Metal
Lyrical Themes: Satanism, Christian Corruption
Origin: USA ( Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Formed: 1994
Status: Split-up
Label: Rage Of Achilles
File Size: 166MB 320kbps

I.N.R.I. - Vocals
Vrykoulak - Guitar, Bass
Blasphyre Demiurge - Keyboards, Vocals
Rekcilyssup - Drums


Contract In Blood
Anti - Life
Heir To The Throne
Eve Bewitched
Ashes Of Eden
Thorns Of The Crown
The Banks Of The River Styx
Altar Of Science
The General's Lament
The Glass Half Empty/ The Absinthe Table
Thorns Of The Crown 2000
Heir To The Throne 2000
Virulent 2000
Total Playing Time 1:14min

Solid Atmospheric Black/Death from Louisiana- evil and catchy as fuck. This release includes the original independent recording and four bonus tracks recorded in 2000. Enjoy!

Lost Chronicles Of The Wars in Heaven

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